Executive Director

The energy industry landscape has changed dramatically over the years, slowly more companies in the industry have understood the value DEI brings to innovation, recruiting, retaining, and developing a competitive workforce in today’s global environment. The Energy Diversity & Inclusion Council has a mission to build an inclusive culture within the energy industry that leverages from our diversity to develop and empower everyone to accomplish extraordinary results.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to participate in the First Annual Energy Inclusion Conference of the Energy Diversity & Inclusion Council. During the conference, you will learn from the best energy leaders and DEI practitioners on the importance of creating an inclusive culture within organizations that leverages from our diversity by embracing inclusivity in the workplace.

I encourage you to virtually visit our speaker panel, sponsor companies, and awards recipients to add to your conference learning experience, and help me extend a special recognition to this first-year sponsors, volunteers, speakers, and organizers for their generous support. You are encouraged to download our mobile app, to create a personalized conference schedule; and receive general information about the Energy Diversity & Inclusion Council. I am confident your participation will result in tremendous learning and demonstrate the value of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for your organization. Enjoy the conference experience, and please feel free at any time to give us feedback. Thanks for attending and being part of the Energy DEI community; we look forward to supporting you in your journey to DEI excellence!

Catalina Consuegra
Executive Director
Energy Diversity & Inclusion Council